As I was out walking my dog the other morning I noticed the ground on the side of my home was real wet and couldn't figure out why since my sprinkler system wasn't on yet.  Upon walking up for a closer inspection, I found out why.

It seems as though sometime during the night, someone decided to come by and try and either steal my copper piping that makes up my main water valve on a very big sprinkler system or was just being vindictive and mean by cutting the main feed line.

You've seen the little pipe cutting wheels; it was pretty obvious.  So the culprit was going to steal it and sell the copper by cutting it out and ran when he realized the system was full of water and pressurized and started getting soaked.  Or they were just plain being mean.

Here's the thing.  It dawned on me that if they had completed the job and cut everything out  it would have cost me somewhere between $100-$150 to replace it all and due to the fact it was only vandalized, it will cost me less than $10 to fix.

So the moral of the story...I choose vandalism!  {Can't believe I just said that but it's true}