Just around the corner, in mere weeks, a lot of us will be putting on a bathing suit. Forget the chub you haven't been able to shed, as you continue trying think of other things that have been ignored for far too long. Get ready, I, D Dennison am about to share too much, into the TMI zone we go.

Bathing Suit TSM


Girl friends talk about it once in awhile, but mainly it's just plain embarrassing for most. And I guess it really just matters what age group you fall into that will determine the embarrassing level. I was born in a time when we were protesting for our freedoms, every human was equal. It was also a time of free love and Woodstock. Men had long hair and women were going el naturel.

As I grew, the country was just beginning to embark on a national campaign to clean up America with anti-liter public service announcements like this one:

Although the razor was invented years before I was born and became a necessary tool by the '70s, thanks to Brazil and the introduction of skimpy bathing suits known as the string bikini. (Warning: the highlighted link contains a potentially offensive word) But I wasn't really aware that women became friends with the disposable razor during bikini season till much later in life. Have I ever tried it, yes, very awkwardly and wasn't a fan of any part of it. Did I try it again, yes. Did I feel any differently no matter how many times I attempted it, no.

I have a few friends that swear by laser therapy, to permanently solve any swim time issues. For me, that sounds a little, well, permanent. Mostly, I just go with the flow, no worries, no hassle. I have, however, had some flyaway issues in the past and have had to adjust myself more than I'd like. Is there another solution? Here enters the TMI portion, and you are now free to leave the area as I'm pretty sure you might know where I'm going next.

Waxing! Yep, I said, waxing. I have more than a few friends that do this waxing thing. It has always perplexed me. I mean, for a short term fix, what's wrong with the handy yet awkward disposable razor? I won't say that it was entirely my idea, a friend suggested I give it a try as a tropical vacation is in my near future.

You may not know this about me, but I love to research things. Whenever I'm in doubt or just don't know, I am all over the Internet. I found that there is a variety of different techniques when talking about waxing. I found it interesting that you can go from the slightly invasive to the holy cow my doctor doesn't even go there service. After careful thought and almost chickening out, I opted for something in the middle. It's no secret that I have had four kids and anyone that has had a child knows that you lose all modesty after your first baby, but I was down right nervous. And it wasn't the pain, I gave no thought to that at all, it was the embarrassment. A stranger, likely 20, thin and beautiful taking care of this not 20-year-old.

And as I conclude sharing this, maybe best unsaid rant, I have to tell you, on a pain level from 1-10, it was a 1. The embarrassment was non existent, once I got there and met my technician I was at complete ease. She was nice and knew exactly how to calm my nerves, we actually talked and laughed. Maybe that sounds odd, but it made the whole process easier. Would I ever do it again, YES! Would I recommend you give it a try if you've never done it? YES! The results are amazing, refreshing.