As our parents grow older, the roles reverse, some take on the responsibilities seamlessly and others find it taxing and struggle with every task. There is hope, hope comes in perception and the limitations that you must put on yourself to retain your own sanity.



  • Remember sometimes to put yourself first. Delegate the tasks that you can, don't take on everything yourself, this will jeopardize your sanity and the dynamics of your own family.
  • If they live alone make sure that the fire detectors are working, that all dangerous chemicals are clearly labeled and get a medical alert system in place that they can easily access and understand.
  • Create a fall proof home environment, tack down loose carpet, get rid of area rugs, install slip proof strips in the shower and make sure the lightly is ample.
  • Don't give advice unless its asked for, they have advised you their whole lives and feel threatened when you do this. Find ways to offer the advice in different ways that helps them continue to feel a part of life and not a throw away that knows nothing.
  • Keep the roads safe, if you start to see driving issues start by checking their medications. You can also look into a senior driving course. When its time to take away their keys get the help of a doctor or a good friend. If all else fails, disable their car. Safety should come first, if they get mad they will get over it.