Dear government, You can't quit or go on strike because you are fired. The fact that congress could not come up with an agreement and decide that the government can just shut down means you have no clue what the job you were elected to do is. While you are at it, take the senate too. You guys can all stand on the side of the road holding signs that say "will do nothing for food". You are good at it.

I am embarrassed this morning. I am, as always, proud to be an American but am embarrassed by our so called leaders. You have proved that you have no clue what you were elected to do. Since they are not there doing the job, they better not still be getting paid, maybe it is time we ride in and take it over with real hard working red white and blue loving Americans who would never let this happen. We would lock ourselves in a room and no would could leave until we reach an agreement. No one could even leave to pee. We would drink a gallon of water each hour and keep doing it until finally we reached an agreement. We would know that it was too important to just give up on. Forget about what party thinks what. Remember it is the people you ultimately serve, not the party.

Our Governor called them knuckleheads. I call them whiny little spoiled brats. I try to stay out of politics but this covers all parties. They don't get it and it's time to clean out the whole bunch of them and replace them with truck drivers, welders, firemen, local business owners, janitors and real Americans. To quote Donald Trump on The Apprentice..."You're fired!!!!"