Don't get too excited ladies. The Denver Broncos quarterback isn't retiring as of yet.  However, if the producers of the hit show can find a way, to have their way, who knows?  And is he or is he not dating Taylor Swift? Oh they tried, the producers of "The Bachelor" that is.  They have already asked Tebow to join the show and he has declined, for now.

Chris Harrison, the producer of the show said he met with Tebow about appearing on the series saying that Tim would make a great bachelor.

Gee, ya think?

Tim Tebow's reaction to the offer was to say yes but that he would never do it as Tim was heard saying that he

...has a little job called quarterback at least for another year.

Tebow would make an interesting choice for the series being a devout Christian, Heisman Trophy winner and he once famously said he would wait on marriage before sex.

He is however not under the radar on many reported romances. Lindsay Vonn recently denied dating Tebow, and just this month, there was talk of romance with singer Taylor Swift after they were reportedly spotted having a friendly dinner.

Shut the front door...