Ok, that's NOT going to happen! But now that I have your attention, Tim Tebow is in the news again. Again NOT because he is going to be the starting quarterback in the NFL. Actually, the opposite again. Tebow, who was supposodly the second stringer behind Mark Sanchez will not get the start after Sanchez got benched, instead third stringer Greg McElroy will. Here is what Tebow should do next...

Ask for a release or trade from the Jets, which he will reportedly do at the end of this season. Then he needs to hope and pray that he gets picked up by the Jacksonville Jaguars, where they seem to love him more than life itself.

If he ends up being a third stringer somewhere else in the NFL, maybe he could come play for the Colorado Ice in Northern Colorado? Terrell Owens played in that league after all.

Still no? Maybe he should just quit playing football, write books, run church services, and be famous that way. It has worked for a bunch of dudes!

No matter what, I feel Tebow is one of the most genuine, caring, real dudes I have ever seen. He deserves another chance, and he will get one. Just not too sure it will be ever be in the NFL.