Tim McGraw has been and still is one of the biggest forces in music. He has sat in the upper echelon of stars for decades now and shows now signs of stopping. He is coming off of what I feel is the best album of his career and has just released new music to us with his new single "Lookin' For That Girl".

Tim has had such a huge string of hits with nearly all of his songs going top ten. There are a few that did not and you might be surprised at some the ones that didn't. Here is a list of Tim songs that failed to reach the Top Ten.

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His first single "Welcome to the Club" and 2 others that followed did not reach the top 30. Here is "Welcome to the Club"

"Drugs and Jesus" hit number 14 in 04

"Suspicions" hit number 12 in 07

"Kristofferson" hit number 16 in 07

"It's a Business Doing Pleasure With You" hit number 13 in 09

"Still" hit number 16 in 10

"Me and Tennessee" hit number 34 in 10

"Truck Yeah" hit number 11 in 12

"Feel Like A Rockstar" hit number 11 in 12 as well.