Todd Harding, TSM

If you would have have told me I would sit through an hour and a half of tap dancing in a crowded theatre, I would have scoffed! But that is just what I did last night at a performance of "Tap Dogs" at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins!...And I enjoyed it!

There were 8 guys in the cast, who were all equally as talented at tap dancing. I was amazed by their talents as individual dancers and as an ensemble.  The show was entertaining, funny, and even dangerously exciting at times.

The set was unbelievable and was transformed for each performance to perfection by the cast themselves.  Whoever designed the set was an engineering genius.  It allowed the cast to tap dance on everything from wood to metal to water and even on the ceiling.

It was a brilliant performance by all and it's not too late to buy tickets to tonight's performance.   The show is at 7:30 tonight and tickets are $46.

Some upcoming shows include "The Rocky Horror Show", "Sinbad", "A Chorus Line", The Canyon Concert Ballet's "The Nutcracker", and "Christmas with the Celts".  There are many more shows on the schedule.  The Lincoln Center does a real nice job of bringing in top notch entertainment.