Whether it helps retail business, gives the rooster extra shut eye or reduces crime there is one thing that is crystal clear about Daylight Saving time: Spring and warmer weather are knocking on the door.

That's right, wow how time flies this weekend it's time to spring forward.

The whole idea behind springing forward and falling back is as controversial as pink slime. First mentioned by Benjamin Franklin and not instituted until 1895 and not established until the Act of March in 1918. The reasons are wide ranging from helping out businesses to assisting the farmer with more daylight.

Daylight saving time complicates as many things as it may help. Some argue that DST is an accounting nightmare interfering with sleep patterns, accounting and travel.

DST is not a universal way of life for everyone. If you live in Arizona or Hawaii you don't observe Daylight Saving time.

Daylight Saving time is a great time to do semi annual safety checks around the house. Checking on the smoke and carbon dioxide detectors and even changing the filters in your water dispenser(s).

If you think that this is maddening, changing the clocks twice a year, you aren't alone. There are several people, a coalition of sorts trying to get the madness to end. They believe that all of the reasons we had to begin DST have long been forgotten.

There are parts of Indiana that do not follow the rules of DST, stating that farmers that wake and sleep with the sun are more inconvenienced by the changes than they could benefit.

DST has been modified a gazillion times, including a time in the 70's, which had it starting as early as January, to assist with the energy crisis. There is even some data that suggests it was initiated for an entire year once.

At the end of the day it is what it is for now and happens this weekend. Sunday, March 11, 2012, at 2 a.m. it's time to spring the clocks forward one hour.

Please find the comment section below and tell us what you think about moving the clocks forward and back twice a year.