People just amaze me! Everyday someone goes out of their way to show the world is still full of really good people. No, really fantastic people with good hearts and Thunder Mountain Harley Davidson will be donating a HUGE portion of their proceeds from this weekends Hot Rods & Hawgs event in our effort to help the High Park Fire cause.

I was contacted today by Jill Almirall after their management team read THIS STORY . Thunder Mountain Harley Davidson decided to donate 100% of t-shirt sales from this weekends Hot Rods & Hawgs event and also a portion of the registration fees on behalf of the Sleigh Riders and what we plan to do with that money.

The minimum donation coming from Thunder Mountain will be at least $1000

To sum it up: The Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run, Inc. {A 501c3 charity} will donate 100% of proceeds collected between now and the big 'Summer Series' event on June 30th.  We will take all that money and when the time is right, organize a Sleigh Riders event and plant, hopefully, 10,000 trees on a mountain side that has been burned out by the High Park Fire.

So please stop by this weekend and check out the Hot Rod & Hawgs event and a portion of your proceeds will be directly donated to the Sleigh Riders.

And if you plan on riding and/or attending the June 30th Sleigh Riders 'Summer Series' event remember that all donations now are 100% tax deductible to you.

For all the details on the Summer Series run on June 30th just CLICK HERE.  You can also access the event page on the K99 website under the 'events' tab. Just hover your mouse over 'events' and you'll see it pop up.

On behalf of all the Sleigh Riders and our Board of Directors we'd like to express our deepest gratitude to the staff and management team at Thunder Mountain Harley Davidson.