The Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run did the walk through with the management team at Thunder Mountain today and I was made privy of some information that I don't know if I am supposed to share but I am going to anyway.  Better to ask for forgiveness than permission, right?

It was brought to my attention today during the Sleigh Riders walk through that Thunder Mountain has partnered with K99 to giveaway a motorcycle during Thunder in the Rockies and it was decided that the Sleigh Riders would have the first chance to get a raffle ticket that could win this bike.

I love these people.  Not only has Thunder Mountain stepped up as a major sponsor of the Sleigh Rider events but they just go above and beyond every chance they get.  They first donated {at least} $1000 from last weekend's Hot Rods & Hawgs event and now they are giving every Sleigh Rider a free raffle ticket for donating a brand new toy/s.  [One per person]

So how do you get a raffle ticket to win this 2012 883 Superlow ?  Just show up at Thunder Mountain Harley Davidson on Saturday June 30th between 8am and 10am and donate a toy to the Sleigh Riders.  That's it! If you can't make it in the morning then you can bring a toy/s to The Boot Grill between 3p and 6p and donate it there.

Haven't got signed up for the big event on June 30th yet?  Click the link below and you are one step closer.