Thursday, Jan. 30 Thunder will get on a cargo plane like Olympic horses do, and head for MetLife Stadium in New Jersey for the Superbowl.  The Bronco's will be there, too, to play the Seahawks. I will be glued to the set, mostly to catch a glimpse of the Arabian gelding, Thunder. He has to be the most fit horse on the planet after an entire season of running the field with every Bronco's score.  They had a league-record 606 points and a league-record 75 touchdowns.

Fortunately the Arabian horse is bred for endurance.  Arabs are also the most beautiful horse breed, especially when they move.  They are smart, sweet, playful, fun and I could go on and on.  You see, I have 4 Arabs in my barn, each prettier than the next.

While Lily is now 21, she and I still romanticize that IF Thunder could not fulfill his duties, we will step in. Yea, like THAT would ever happen! In any case, I am so proud of my breed of choice, the Arabian horse.  We LOVE YOU THUNDER!   Susan, Lily, Tiara, Volare, and Mak

Susan Moore, TSM and Lily

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