My kids, especially one of my daughters is so annoyed when I face a situation with happy crap that she just dials out.

Just today I had the pleasure of talking to my girl... she is looking for a new place and is getting discouraged at the market. I tell her to be happy and the right one just hasn't come along yet and she sighs and says ya! I then go into my positive speech and I can almost actually hear her brain shut off. Regardless... the worst is only ever the worst in the midst of the worst... I guarantee there will be another day where life is a lot crappier as well as a lot better. It goes with the territory, the ups and downs of this roller coaster ride called life.

Oh... wait a second... don't for any second at all believe that I am like that all the time. I can break into tears over the silliest-smallest things and look at those around me and be upset that they don't get how upsetting it is. Ya, I can be that person too.

The core of me does scream positive and I like to project that as often as my inside self will allow it.

The positive take:

  • If it almost happened, then didn't it not happen?
  • If you got the job from the second interview, who cares if the first place was stupid?
  • When the train backs up for the third time making you late by 10 minutes, why not think about the hell your guardian angel most likely just kept you from?
  • "you could have broken your neck"-did they???? Be thankful not negatively repetitive.
  • "I almost peed my pants"! -Um, hello, did you? Then its a good day!
  • I like this one... in excessive traffic on the way to the gym the other day and then getting there to have to turn around again as I forgot something at home, my daughter looked at me said breathe followed by "just look at it as good quality mommy/daughter time". (aww)

Obviously I could keep going but you get the idea... we waste so much energy thinking of the negative that we forget to enjoy the good. As you go forward, keep this in mind:

Whatever the mind expects, it finds.