This is Houston. I see him when I get my hair done at Paul Chet Studio...Paul's dog is the dad to my new puppy which I get this Saturday...I am over the moon...

When the new pup leaves its littermates Saturday, it will come to our home where my husband's dog Lucy will (hopefully) welcome the new baby. We brought Lucy home from Mill Dog Rescue near Colorado Springs many years ago. She's 11 now and there is not a sweeter dog on the planet.

She is also timid and fearful of most everything. Heaven forbid I should drop something because the noise sends her into hiding. Lucy has never given me a 'kiss'. Her lack of trust is no doubt a product of stupid humans. Lucy is devoted to Bob...only Bob...and goes to work with him every day.

Jazzie, who passed away around Valentines Day, was rehomed with us when
her former owner discovered that the dog got car sick. The only trips she ever took with us were to the vet or groomer and she would be a nervous wreck.

In the 90's I found Chablis through Denver Dumb Friends League. They found her roaming the streets and classified her as a 'Dart and Dash' dog. She was so hyper we kept her on medication for most of her life.

This new puppy is a clean slate and I want to raise it with nothing but love. Training a puppy at this stage of my life garners all the patience I've learned through loving animals...
AND I have lots of time to devote to my new angel.