Sometimes those Country songs just sneak up on you don’t they?

This past weekend I got to enjoy some time with an old friend who I’ve known for about 20 years who might be moving away come the first of the year.    We share some similarities when it comes to family- having both lost our fathers in childhood and our mothers relatively early- My mom from cancer 17 years ago, Kyle’s mom died of an aneurysm just a few years ago.

We were hanging out watching TV with my roommate- discussing family, and Trace Adkins came to mind. My roommate’s parents live out of state- but still manage to drive her crazy. I told her- “It’s just like that Trace Adkins song- ‘You’re Gonna Miss This’-they’ll be gone someday and you’ll wish that they were still around to drive you nuts.”

”I’m sure you’re right... They’re just so…aggravating.”

My ex used to just hate traveling with her mother, who hated to fly. It was a nightmare hassle for Nicole, her sister, and their dad trying to get Diane on those planes… I would tell HER the same thing- “Sweetie you’re gonna miss those crazy flights to Las Vegas with all your heart.”

Damn Country songs .. they can be so right…

Thanks Trace.