It's bad enough that summer's ending and kids have to go back to school, but for a kid in Thornton... Life dealt him an additional blow.  Potentially poisoning ice cream!

Andrew Burton, Getty Images

It wasn't much of a treat for a young boy the other day in Thornton. Riley and his mom went to Dairy Queen to get shake- sounds like a nice time. However, earlier that day, employees of the DQ allegedly got things completely messed up.  According to the ABC7News report, it looks like one employee was doing some cleaning and left the cleanser in a container that another employee used to make the vanilla syrup for the shakes.

From Channel 7-

"Something was like bubbling on my tongue," said 7-year-old Riley Chase.

"You couldn't even taste the ice cream in it, it tasted like you were drinking a very strong cleanser, then the burn started instantly," said [Lisa] Chase who tasted the shake after her son.

Yuck and yikes!  Riley ended up going to the hospital the next morning, just as a precaution, and the two employees were written up for not following proper procedure.

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