The flooding is no where near contained and rain continues to fall with expectations of heavy rainfall later today, tonight and possibly tomorrow. The flooding Thompson River has already washed out parts of Highway 34 and waters are likely to rush to town.



  • Residents West of mile marker 74 should evacuate to Estes Park, there is a shelter at the Mountain View Bible Fellowship Church on Colorado 7 at Peakview.
  • Residents East of mile marker 74 should evacuate to Loveland, there is a shelter at 8th street and Taft Avenue at the Thompson Valley Administration Office
  • The eastbound lane of U.S. 34 in the Big Thompson Canyon has collapsed at MM74.5 and the westbound lane has a large crack through it
  • Highway 34 was closed at the Dam Store Wednesday, Thursday morning it was closed at Glade Road west of Loveland
  • The river is moving at a very fast pace about 3,100 cubic feet per second, with additional rain flow this could increase to 7,000 and at that rate all river crossing will become impassable
  • Flash flood warning's continue along most of the Front Range and rain is expected to continue through the day tomorrow
  • There are currently 12 damns with water flowing over their tops and one, the Meadow Lake Dam, has been breached
  • Lake Estes is currently at full capacity and water is being released from Olympus Dam; this in itself may cause flooding in areas downstream near Loveland
  • A number of roads in the City of Loveland have been closed; most of these closures are at points where they cross the Big Thompson River
Sheriff Justin Smith