I am said many times that I am not a New Year's guy. I don't get into the holiday and I rarely do anything to celebrate it. I have always felt New Year's was a younger, single, drinking persons holiday so have never really celebrated. The fact that I get up at 3 am each weekday makes it unlikely that I celebrate anything that happens after 7 pm. This year was an exception. I had the best New Year's Eve I have ever had.

Brian Gary, TSM

This year we let my daughter go out celebrating kid-free. We kept Zayden and Zander and let her go out. Zander asked if we could have a Wii Bowling tournament. I have never had so much fun at a holiday party. These boys know how to tear it up. Zander ran around the basement for hours hollering that "We are partying tonight. Bowling party! Woo Hoo!". He was so happy that I couldn't help but have a blast too. I was shocked he knew what a "beer frame" was. I'm kidding. Zayden was all decked out in a giraffe suit with an owl hat on and we were in our jammies. What a great New Year. We have a new tradition for New Year's at our house. We will have the 2nd annual Zander and Zayden Fun Time Bowling Party next year and welcome our upcoming grandchild to join us. It proves that sometimes the best company is right in front of you. Happy New Year. I hope you find what you are looking for...I did.