Senior prom?  Probably not. But if you're Donald Trump or LeBron James, then maybe. I can't even imagine what an hour in this baby would even be worth.

A British firm called Cars for Stars is actually looking into making this Lamborghini Aventador stretch limousine a reality.  But a project of this magnitude does pose some problems but the project is in full go mode.

The renderings and CGI video you see here were released just this morning.

Room?  Who cares, but yes, there seems to be plenty. Ample seating inside; in orange of course, a rockin bar, surround sound system, and even some plasma televisions; yes, more than one.

The main issue is there is no real frame to cradle this beast so an entire new pan for this would have to be built from scratch and the mid engine design has issues being 10' behind the drivers cabin.

Waste of money or coolest thing ever?  You be the judge; or part owner!  Cars for Stars are looking for folks with really big checkbooks to fund this project, so you and I are safe, but you could get free advertising for a year on the car and probably a ride if you have gobs of extra cash.  Any takers?