The one thing that sets a sport fan apart from any other kind of fan or enthusiast is their ability to know even the smallest details about their team and their players. Are you a true Bronco fan?

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The easiest questions is, who is this guy? (Peyton Manning, just in case) :P


  • Denver's first win came in September of 1960 against the Boston Patriots in Boston, for double Jeopardy what was the score? 13-10
  • Because of their first win the Broncos also became the first AFL team to win in a regular season game
  • The Broncos hired the first African-American player (1960 Gene Mingo) and subsequently also brought on the first African-American Quarterback in 1968. He was Marlin Briscoe, his first game was against the Cincinnati Bengals where he led the team to a 10-7 win.
  • As of June last year, Briscoe still held the rookie record for what? Passing touchdowns!
  • Broncos are credited with the first passing play; a screen pass from QB Frank Tripucka to FB Dave Rolle
  • Another first; punt return for a touchdown in the AFL in 1960 (Gene Mingo)
  • We seem to be stuck in some of the Broncos firsts so how about the Superbowl?  First Superbowl win didn't come until 1997, a well deserved win against the Green Bay Packers, 31-24
  • First time the Broncos opened a regular season with a tie? September, 1971 against Miami, 10-10

The Broncos suit up for their next battle this weekend against the New England Patriots in Denver. The game will air on CBS at 1 p.m. Sunday January, 19th