This little girl was born between 11:30 Saturday night and 3:30 Sunday morning. After living in the barn for days, I did not get to see the actual birth, and I think Ari planned it that way. The new baby is  a good eater and her dam is a good mother... so, all truly IS good. While the filly was born dark, the white circles around her eyes mean she will turn grey like her dam.

Both the mare and filly are in need of a permanent home. Contact Denkai Animal Sanctuary if you are interested. Many of you have asked why I don't keep them. I'd love to do that, but I have 4 horses of my own and as you can well imagine, they require a lot of my time, money, energy, etc... If you're set up for horses, these 2 incredibly sweet Arabians love to be doted on. They are destined to be family pets and riding horses.