I love to cook and like to think I am pretty good at it but now and then we have failures. Last night was my failure night. I had a loaf of french bread sitting around and thought it would be nice to make some real french toast with french bread and bacon. The idea was great, the execution was awful.

I cut up the bread into some nice thick slices and started to prepare the batter. I busted up 4 eggs into a bowl and added some milk and cinnamon and whipped it up. I then thought I would get a little fancy and add some orange zest. I thought that might add just a hint of citrus to kick it up a bit. I then found the liquor cabinet open with a bottle of Grand Marnier looking at me. I grabbed him and thought a splash or 2 of that would add a nice boost as well.

I cooked them until they were nice and browned and added a few slices of bacon to the mix for a beautiful looking presentation. My wife came home and bit into the toast and made a face like you do when you get a bad peanut. She said.."wow, that is almost edible". I was going for something a little more pleasing than edible. She was right. It was awful. We had bacon and English muffins. Don't try this at home.