The streets of Old Town were abuzz with the walking dead on Saturday, October 25, 2014. Packs of blood-stained, ripped clothed zombies traipsed the square as part of the 5th Annual Zombie Fest, benefiting Turning Point, a local non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of youth and their families. 

The Zombie Crawl kicked off the night, as zombies of all ages paraded through the streets, showing off their get-ups and infecting humans along the way, while also avoiding the "armed" zombie hunters. Many downtown businesses participated in the Crawl by actually being a stop, and providing special drink or food specials for participators.

The Crawl met in the middle of Old Town to enjoy dancing, contests, live singing acts and a group performance of "Thriller."

The creeping undead then made their way to Washington's Bar for the Zombie Ball, where the Zombie King and Queen were crowned. Overall, the night was full of gallivanting zombies, gory get-ups, and a slashing good night for all!

Check out our zombified photo gallery of the night below.