I think all of us as kids dabbled a bit in model's be it race cars, airplanes, boats or tanks but even as a kid I could have never imagined something like this.

I remember as a young kid a neighbor of mine who was retired and had this incredible train setup that covered his basement.  We used to lay on our stomachs and peek in the window till we got caught one day, which wasn't bad since we actually got invited down to check it out.  Waterfalls, multiple trains, moving cars and trucks etc.  Total boys paradise.

Wunderland Minatures

But can you imagine peeking in on this?  Well, now you can.

This is the most expensive, realistic and comprehensive model plane systems you will ever see; the Miniature Wunderland railway in Hamburg, Germany.  

After 6 years of construction, the "Knuffington Airport" will boggle the mind with over 200,000 mini people, 6 miles of track, computer-controlled airplanes that actually fly and a $5 million price tag.

Since its debut, it's become one of Germany's most-visited attractions. So next time you're in Germany put this on your to do list and watch everything in action. From train, car and emergency vehicle activity to planes taking off or landing and even an occasional "disaster" that must be dealt with. They have truly spared no expense in this model airport.

Getty Images

With the exception of the $5 Million dollar price tag, do you have a nice garage or basement minature set up?  I'd love to see it.  Send me some pictures and detailed information on the blood, sweat and tears you have in your life long hobby.  Send those emails and pictures to charley@k99.com and I will feature them here on our website and FB page.