What would fall on your list of the Top 5 scariest things you've seen or heard? Me it would be evil clowns or foot steps in the dark when I'm home alone, how about you?



  • When I was 13 my grandfather died and one day after school I was walking up the stairs next to the garage and I got a huge whiff of his cologne that made me sit on the stairs to catch my breath and then I heard him in the garage, he let out a huge laugh.
  • 20 years ago I was lying in bed, shortly after my mother had passed away and I woke from a dead sleep in terror, there was nothing there, no smells or sounds, but I felt this evil presence lingering over me, I felt paralyzed. It happened again about 8 years ago, with no life altering events, My James was even witness-it was really creepy.
  • I didn't personally see this one, but My Ashley told me of two occasions where she saw my mom in the house, once passing along the hallway from her room to mine and then she went into my room. Another time My Ashley was home alone and was looking into the fridge when something poked her side, she shut the fridge door and looked around the corner and not only saw my mom dart down the hall, but she actually heard her giggle.
  • Sam, our 13 year old American Eskimo recently sat outside of My Colton's room. He would sit then stand and wag his tail and sit and stand and wag his tail, this went on for about 15 minutes. We like to think that Colton was "playing" with him, as Sam was primarily Colton's dog.
  • I was home alone, we have a two story house and I was watching tv in bed when I heard the front door open and shut, My James was out of town and no one else lived with us nor did anyone have a key. I got up and went downstairs, something that I always say I wouldn't do when I'm watching a scary movie and I didn't see anyone (thankfully) or anything out of the norm, so I went back upstairs. I continued for the rest of the night to periodically hear the front door, the garage door and the basement door or My James' office door, not sure. It was strange, but I did decide to stay in my room and not investigate anymore and I did lock my bedroom door.

Okay, it's your turn... let's hear all the creepy stories... ready, set, go!