I may get trapped in self pity and sadness since my Ashley and Colton were taken from me too soon and unexpectedly, but I do have many blessing's in my life.

D Dennison-TSM

Thanks to a wonderful soul I've recently met, this adorable little boy has found his way into our lives. My daughter, Natasha has taken him in and has decided to love him for life.

D Dennison with My Natasha

This morning, Natasha texted me that the puppy had a good night. She told me that he woke up at 3 and at 6. She also told me that he went potty and ate. Then she asked if she could name him Colton. My heart was warm and my eyes teared up.

D Dennison and My Colton

I think that Colton would be honored. He and Natasha had a great relationship, as all the kids did. And for some reason we can't get it out of our heads that Colton has worked through Tamara to get this beautiful puppy to Natasha.

Since Colton and Ashley have passed, we have been blessed with stories of how they both positively affected their surroundings and how they are missed not only by my immediate family, but by most that they ever knew.

My dear friend Rachel named her puppy Ashton, she had a special connection with the kids.

Rachel McCarter and Family Named Their Puppy Ashton

Chelsea was great friends with the whole family and the kids were always welcome in her family.

Chelsea and Brian Named Their Baby Ashton

The RMHS Football team honored both kids during the season opener and Honored Colton by rotating his number throughout the season during home games.

RMHS Honoring Colton by Wearing his Number 73

The Team even presented us with a Letter Jacket for Colton.

Coltons Letter Jacket

And the latest development... Meet Ashley the Cha-Winnie (Colton the Cha-Winnie's sister)

Ashley the Cha-Winnie
My Ashley!

The honoring of their lives has been loud... the CAC honored the work that Ashley had done for their cause and awareness efforts, the Connections Club has renamed the annual award to now be the Ashley Award and the blessing's don't end. Coming at the end of the month (February), Noodles and Co will host a benefit for RMHS and the Lobo Fund in the name of Ashley and Colton. 

And the Athletic Department is said to be working on a bench dedication to the kids that will sit outside the Athletic doors, a fond memory spot for us, that is where I could find the kids after football or softball practice or where I waited FOREVER for them. :)

Thank you to everyone for helping me keep their spirits alive!