Today is Bathtub Day! Sometimes a good soak in the tub is just heavenly. You can feel the stress of the day just ooze out of your body as you let Calgon take you away. Today is the day to appreciate little bathroom pool of happiness but be careful...there can be some danger lurking below the water as you will find out in this scary tale of tub trouble.

Last night I was cold and decided I would take a nice hot bath. My grandson tends to share my bathroom with me and I had to do my routine of cleaning out all of his toys from the tub first. I gathered them all in his basket and waited for the tub and bubbles to reach the proper diving in depth.

When the tub filled I stood in it and slowly lowered myself in with my rear end hovering right above the water and plopped down into the water. I then hollered in pain as I had forgotten to remove one of Zanders little plastic balls, that are a bit bigger than a ping pong ball, and sat right on it. I had sat down so hard that it actually stuck in backside. I had to lean over and actually pull it out. It made a popping noise like when you squeeze a covered Pringles can. I was in there for 20 minutes and still can't find Spiderman either. I am hoping he shows up later this afternoon. Be careful in the tub today.

Brian Gary, TSM