From the moment I walked into the event venue, I knew, this night would be amazing. The music, the decor, the people, the food and the drink-Outstanding!The Taste 2011 benefiting the Food Bank for Larimer County and Neighbor to Neighbor welcomes the community with delicate grace. I don't know how else to say it. The ambiance is familiar. It's not one of those events where you feel uncomfortable. It's like a town hall meeting with all of your friends, the new neighbors and great food.

The Taste 2011 featured a very diverse menu.In one corner you could dine on spicy tuna rolls (sushi) while in another you could dig right in with smoky bbq spare ribs.

In the midst of the food, some of the area's best brews, wines, coffee's and ciders were poured.

It's a great event to try thing's you may not have had before. An opportunity to taste thing's from restaurants you have wanted to try.

Not only was this display very nice, the lamb meatballs were very moist and meaty with a super dipping sauce.

Lurking around another corner you might find the silkiest chocolate with raspberry and white chocolate sauce you've ever had. That partnered with french pastries, croissants and crepes made me never want to leave the Taste 2011.

The Taste 2011 is more than just food and drink. The Taste is a benefit for Neighbor to Neighbor and the Food Bank for Larimer County. There are many ways to support the Taste, one of my favorite ways is the silent auction. The items are always unique, one of a kinds, collectibles, handmade arts and more. It's very casual, in that you eat, sip on a glass of wine or cider and look around at all the great items up for grabs. Bidding is fun, especially when you get into a bidding war. Maybe that's just me, but I find it to be great fun.

We were very fortunate last night to be entertained with several great performers.  If you get a chance to attend the Taste 2012, be sure to make it a night. There is no pressure to bid or lay your money down, although you might not be able to help yourself. Always a great event for food, drink and friends old and new. I am glad that I was able to celebrate such an incredible event and support Neighbor to Neighbor and the Food Bank for Larimer County.