Hold on, don't jump too quickly to frustration and anger, hear me out. And know in the end, I am merely thinking out loud, I don't really know what I would do if I were an actual decision maker, but it does seem like parenting.



  • For months there has been a tug-of-war of power and unrest between government and rebels
  • After two months of government offensives, rebels claim to have captured Khan al-Assal, the last major government held town in the west of Aleppo Province
  • "Rebels and Western governments accuse pro-Assad forces of using chemical weapons in an attack that killed more than 300 people near Damascus. The Syrian government blame the rebels. US President Barack Obama says a "limited" strike is needed to degrade Damascus' chemical weapons capability. Russia and China warn against any attack on Syria." -BBC News
  • President Barack Obama turns to Congress to authorize a military attack in Syria
  • The issue passes Congress Wednesday in a 10-7 vote before a Senate panel
  • The vote breakdown=23 likely to support, 17 likely to oppose and 60 unknown or undecided. A decision to strike would need a favorable vote of 50 with the Vice President breaking the tie in favor.
  • The government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad continue to deny involvement in the chemical attack and blame the rebels.
  • Russia says the evidence is not strong enough for an attack and believes the US should wait for the UN report on the attack
  • U.K says it has new evidence that poisonous gas was used in Syria

Okay now that you are caught up, I'll explain myself about this decision being like parenting. Many people may be against you when you decide to scold your child, ground them, take away privileges and put them in time out, but you set the rules of the house from day one-if they didn't want punished then they shouldn't have broken the rules. With that said I don't mean let's all hop on a plane to Syria guns loaded and all, I just can see where it is a big decision. We have agreed that we should not use weapons of mass destruction and if one does the penalties will be harsh. Now of course the backlash from this could have us all feeling a bit like deja vu with potentially similar outcomes, another war without an end. I don't think

I would like to be on the deciding end of this issue and I pray that the right decision for all is made, tough choices in the real world.