Life is a rocky road. I believe the ride is rough because of all the stones we encounter in life. Life is full of stones. We start by being brought into this world with a birthstone. A colored jewel to show the month we were born in and to celebrate the beginning of a new life. As the birthstone ages a bit we begin playing with stones and start skipping stones. Who hasn’t enjoyed being a child and sitting on the river bank trying to see how many skips you can get before it sinks? Skipping stones represent youth, discovery and playfulness.

Stepping Stone

As we get older and try to get through life and find our path we need stepping stones. Stepping stones give us firm footing to advance ourselves in our careers and lives. Finding the proper stepping stones can lead us to our next stone…the family stone.

Family Stone

The family stone is the cornerstone of life. It is where you go for shelter, protection and set your foundation. The family stone is the most precious stone of all. It is that comfortable place to rest after all the stepping and skipping.

Kidney Stone

Unfortunately some other stones come into play later in life. The kidney stone is a rather unpleasant one that causes much discomfort and can make you holler at your family stone. For some, their job can feel like a kidney stone.


The final stone of course is the tombstone. Make sure that before you reach this stone that you have played with all the other stones properly. Make sure you treasure and celebrate the birthstone. Make sure you take plenty of time to skip stones and never quit doing it. It keeps you young and alive. Playfulness is something we all need more of. Find the proper stepping stones to help you travel the path your life takes you. Protect, polish and take care of your family stone and you’ll find all the joy life has to give you until that day you are under the final stone.