NOTE... this is not an explanation, just a recognition.

I am set for vacation in less than a week... so what do I decide to do? Yep, empty my entire closet and start reorganizing my garage. What? Yep, I have two major projects going on and both area's-that being my room and my garage are disastrous. What was I thinking? Neither project is a oh, I'll just take an hour and rearrange this space. We have been in the house for what, 7 years... have I ever reorganized either space? NO! So, yes that means 7 years of "why did I save this" and "What is this?" Oh and don't forget the "ahh, that's what smells in the garage"? LOL Did I mention that I have less than a week before vacation and I just started this project a week ago... in between work and errands and of course a movie (I am addicted to movies, or theater popcorn) I have been working on it. The Silly Thing's Girls Do!

This morning I was walking out of the coffee shop and squinting my eyes something terrible, its bright out... wishing I had my, they were tucked into the front of my shirt!

I waited last night for my coffee to brew and got a bit impatient (note to self-maybe too much coffee) Guess it helps to hit the brew button.

How about committing to bringing a dish to the potluck on the day you work extra hours, your kid has swim practice and you have to run to the mail center to pick up a package (no one that's on summer break heard the doorbell)

Thinking you have all the time in the world to try on every pair of pants/skirts/dresses in your closet only to remember as you leave 10 minutes late already that you didn't get gas last night.

Telling yourself that a protein bar will fill you up! :P

The Silly Thing's Girls Do!

ps...if you aren't doing anything tonight, wanna help me put my garage and closet back together?