I asked you on Saturday how you felt. I wanted to know if you thought that it was pretty cool or if you were frustrated with trying to get around NOCO. Well the results are in and again, I am proud to live in this kind and positive state. So what are the results about the USA Pro Challenge in you backyard? Come along with me.... See the good and one really bad comment.

Todd Harding-TSM


  • Darlene:Going right past our house on crossroads. I have friends coming over to watch it. I know it's going to cause crazy traffic jams but I think it's cool.
  • Shelly: It's awesome!!Colorado is amazing beautiful and proud that we were chosen for this event!!
  • Heather:  Good for the economy. Just go enjoy another beautiful part of
    Colorado if You don't want to be here. It is great for The city!
  • Rosie: Awesome!
  • Jo Ann: Since we were informed about this event in advanced, just planned around it. Nothing to complain about.
  • Doreen: It's cool! If u have to travel in and around it, it probably sucks...but...it's a cool venue that we get to experience here in noco!
  • Terii think its very cool
  • Jessica: I think its cool. They get to see our Beautiful City. why no let them
  • April:  Going right by my house so just gonna get errands done early
  • Mindy: A little bit crowded but a neat event.


  • "Hope it goes bad and no one shows up."