If you've had the chance to be at a K99 "New from Nashville", you are fully aware of the star power that comes with it. But are you aware of the emotions as well?

When a new country artist has 30 minutes to fill in front of a crowd that they have never been in front of before, it can sometimes be overwhelming.

And the nerves can sometimes overtake a performance.

That wasn't the case for "New from Nashville" alumni Seth Ennis, who got an unsolicited standing ovation from the crowd and showed all of us why he is a superstar in the making for the country format.

His voice captured all of us.

And his personality was one that we all wish every entertainer delivered.

What you may not have seen when you were at the show was just how special the moment was for Seth and his team.

Need to feel and see that raw emotion again? Here's a video that Seth put together with his visit to Northern Colorado. The video is only one minute long, but is strong enough to pull at all of our heartstrings and be pulling for this young man every step in his career.