Happiness is a great thing to strive for. It is my goal every day just to be happy. I do not handle grumpy or angry people well at all. I want my family and all around me to be joyful so I try to create that environment. No one enjoys being around negativity or irritability. I have come up with a one hour plan to keep you and your family happy each day. There are 24 hours in a day and if you set aside just one of them, you can be happy too.

This is my 10 20 30 plan. Take 10 minutes after work to be with yourself and your thoughts on the work day. It could be on your drive home from work or wherever, but give yourself 10 minutes to yourself to process the day and think of what you have in store for tomorrow. Ten minutes and no more. Give you and your spouse 20 minutes a day to just sit and enjoy each other and talk. Don't just cram in all the negative stuff actually talk to each other about happy things. It could be what to eat for dinner, or what to watch on TV or something funny that happened but make it a happy and loving 20 minutes. Spend 30 minutes playing with your kids. Your kids wait all day for some of you and we usually don't bring enough of us home to share at the end of the day. You and your kids deserve to laugh and play together for 30 darn minutes. Color a picture, build a Lego castle, cuddle and watch Dora the Explorer, do something that your kids like. This equation equals a happy you, a happy spouse and happy kids. That is a happy family in just an hours time. Give it a try. We waste hours all the time. Try investing one in you and your family.