This guy tried to steal stuff from the purse but he got stuck and came for help
Its a new season and there are some new rules! This Saturday marks the first home game for the Broncos with the new rules instated. If you are planning on going to the game or any home games here is what you need to know.

First, the NFL stresses that if you don't need to bring a bag, then don't. It will make things a lot easier. If you need or want to bring a bag, make sure that its clear plastic, PVC or vinyl and it is 12"x6"x12".

If need be, you can carry in a one gallon freezer bag.

The NFL is still allowing clutch bags and any medical needed supplies. The clutch bags need to be exactly as they sound, small and able to hold in hand and the medical supplies will be subject to search.

Everything else like purses bigger than clutch bags, coolers, back packs, computer bags and what not is prohibited.