He said that her aging body didn't do it for him anymore, the naked truth to aging and sex.

He Said Her Aging Body Didn't Do it For Him Anymore iStockphoto

Can you imagine your guy telling you that he loves your mind and laughter, but can't get into your aging and wrinkling body? What would you do?

He suggests that you wear stockings or something that would cover the wrinkles. You submit or you look in the mirror?

At first you will likely feel the pain of the words spoken and then you should take a hard look in the mirror. When you started this life with your fresh young looks, you nothing of the world or what was awaiting you. Now, you know who you are and how you got here.

At this point in your life you shouldn't be covering up and thinking how to please him, if he doesn't get you and can look at you, with honest eyes and say such words, he is missing something in himself. You have happily and not so happily earned each wrinkle, every droopy part of you. And you are beautiful.

If you love him, you can champion through this. He too, is likely having issues with growing older, maybe even feeling older. Turn him on with the things that he loves and the sex will come. Make him laugh, till his laugh infects you. Tell stories, memories you have together and memories you still have to make. Whether the relationship is new or aging along with you, put your heads together and make it happen. Instead of covering your bodies, maybe you could try enjoying the parts that are favorable and drawing on each other with body paint. It's our own fears that make us turn such an ugly cheek to one another, but you can power through it, if you still have the desire to try. And obviously, if you don't, its time to rethink this partnership.

Always remember that you are stunning and beautiful and still full of life, concentrate on the positives in you and that will shine through the darkest days.