Every day when I drive home from work I usually take the Prospect exit into Fort Collins, so I am greeted by the Colorado Welcome Center.  It is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting buildings in the city.  It inspired me to search out the "Most Unique Buildings in Fort Collins".  I came up with 6.

6. Edna Rizley Griffin Concert Hall

Todd Harding, TSM

The Edna Rizley Griffin Concert Hall is part of the Colorado State University Center for the Arts, which is located in the old Fort Collins High School, on Remington Street between Pitkin and Lake Streets. The columns out front is what makes the building unique.  They were built to mirror the columns on the former high school.

5. 224 Canyon Avenue

Todd Harding, TSM

224 Canyon Avenue is much more than just an apartment building.  It is a very exclusive residential property in heart of Old Town.  It has condos and penthouses and is really a very beautiful building.  It is quite magnificent. It kind of reminds me of something Dr. Seuss may have dreamed up.

 4. Thurman "Fum" McGraw Athletic Center

Todd Harding, TSM

The Thurman "Fum" McGraw Athletic Center is home to all of the athletic offices on the Colorado State University Campus and was named after the most famous CSU Ram of them all.  Moby Arena, which is right behind it, used to be the most unique building on campus.  Now it just may be the McGraw Athletic Center.

 3. Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

Todd Harding, TSM

For years the Discover Science Center was located in a old grade school on Prospect Road.  They shared space with the Fort Collins Museum from 2009 to 20ll.  In 2012 they re-opened at a brand new location at Cherry and Mason in North Fort Collins as the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. I was lucky enough to be one of the media member who got to tour the wonderful museum before it even opened to the public.

 2. Northern Hotel

Todd Harding, TSM

The Northern Hotel is one of the most iconic buildings in Fort Collins and to this day remains one of the most unique buildings in Old Town.  According to LostFortCollins.net, The Northern Hotel was built it 1873, but back then it was called the Agricultural Hotel.  In the 1880's it was call the Commercial Hotel and became the Northern Hotel around 1905. In 1999 the 3 upper floors were converted to apartments for low income seniors and the 1st floor businesses like Starbucks and Spoons set up shop.

 1. Colorado Welcome Center at Fort Collins

Todd Harding, TSM

The Colorado Welcome Center welcomes visitors to Fort Collins and also welcomes travelers coming into Colorado from Wyoming.  The uniquely shaped building is the reason I was inspired to write this blog, so for me it is the obvious #1.

According to the Welcome Center's website:

The Center provides complimentary Colorado maps, routing information, weather updates, brochures and more. The welcome center houses the North Park Region office of Colorado State Parks and the Rocky Mountain Nature Association bookstore. The center is surrounded by more than 200 acres of nature preserve, with nature and interpretive trails, picnic areas and more.