Holidays and gift giving occasions can be a stressful time for people who worry about buying the right present. I think we put way too much pressure on ourselves, because the best gifts don’t cost a lot of money, they just take a little heart, thought and love. Think about the gifts you have treasured through the years. Are they expensive or thoughtful? I know things that people have given from the heart have had more of a lasting impact than things that cost lots of money.

I remember a few years ago a friend gave me jar filled with iced tea and spices because they knew I loved tea. It didn’t cost much money but it meant a lot to me, because it was personal and they thought of me specifically. A few years ago I received an early Christmas present from my daughter Vanessa and grandson Zander. They took my favorite picture of him wearing my headphones at one of my broadcasts and made a frame for it with all sorts of musical stickers. I cry every single time I look at it. I now have it in my control room and look at it every time I talk on my microphone. It is with me everyday and has been for several years. What a wonderful gift. I will treasure this for as long as I live. I know it didn’t take a lot of money, just thought. We may not have money, but I know we all have heart. That is where you’ll find the best gifts to give. Dig deep into your heart, and don’t put so much pressure on your wallet. You can fill a heart for pennies.