Every bull rider will tell you the same thing, “it’s not if you get hurt, it’s when.” Every bull rider can attest to the truth of that saying. Mount yourself on a 2,000 pound testosterone filled beast and then make it mad by putting a strap on its flank to get it to buck, and you are asking for trouble. You are also asking for some good watching. Here are some of the worst wrecks from Championship Bull Riding (CBR).

It is like a car wreck, you know you don’t really want to look, but you can’t help it. But for a rider, not only do they want to stay healthy and upright, but the score is based not on how horrific the fall is, but how well they ride. Two judges give 1-25 points for the cowboy’s performance and 1-25 points for the animal’s performance. 100 points being the maximum, and is considered a perfect ride. If you don’t stay on the bull for 8 seconds you automatically get a 0.

Here are some of the loudest 0′s the CBR has seen in recent years….

Carl’s Jr. Championship Bull Riding at the Budweiser Events Center is this Saturday! World Champion Tuff Hedeman is bringing 40 of the best bull riders to compete for one show only.

You can stop by Nordy’s for the pre-party for dinner and then enjoy the Cinch Tour Championship Bull Riding! Dinner and the entertainment is taken car of! Plus, tickets start at just $15 and $5.00 discount coupons are available at Big R of Greeley.

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