This, as I've recently found can be a touchy subject, but one I felt diving into. Because it's a great challenge the mind topic and one that potentially affects a lot of people. When it comes to the minimum wage battle, where do you stand?

Minimum Wage TSM

Minimum wage in Colorado is at $8 and hour, the federal minimum wage is $7.25. Georgia and Wyoming round out the bottom with the lowest state minimum wages at $5.15, while Washington state out shines all states by a mile with a minimum wage of $9.32.   

Colorado is sitting pretty when it comes to minimum wage, standing side-by-side with only four other states rounding up the upper middle for wages. Most states hover near or at the federal minimum wage while others have either not set a minimum wage or come in below the federal minimum wage.

Although Washington might be the best place to make living, Colorado stands strong in the third position of best places to make a living with an added bonus of being dubbed, by Colorado workers, the third best state in workplace environments. The three worst states to make a living in are Hawaii, Mississippi and Rhode Island.

As of March 2014, Colorado unemployment rate was at 6.2 percent while Fort Collins was at 4.9 percent, Greeley was at 6.0 percent and Loveland about 5.4 percent.

Now back to the where do you stand on minimum wage, many people I know are fighting to raise the minimum wage standards in Colorado. I do not disagree with this, I think that places like Georgia at $5.15 and others should also raise their minimum wages, but the arguments for raising the wage are confusing to me. I just spent at least an hour looking for jobs online and it wasn't until the near end of my search did I find one job in Northern Colorado that offered a starting pay wage of $8.50, obviously above the state's minimum wage. How will raising the minimum wage effect unskilled workers (although I would argue the phrase unskilled as there are many things "unskilled workers" do that I would not be able to do) who already have a choice of jobs that on average start at $10 an hour? Surely our lawmakers wouldn't take our current minimum wage and hoist it up to $10, they would likely, if they were to do anything at all, raise it to $8.25 with a potential amendment stating that it raise to $8.75 by 2016. (I am just throwing numbers and possible scenarios out there, I haven't any data to support this, it's just my own personal opinion and not that of my company Townsquare Media or my co-workers)

Comment away, I want to hear from you, whether you agree or think I'm off my rocker... ready, set, go!