There has been a dark cloud over Boulder since that dreadful day, the day that a neighborhood elk was taken down.

9 News is reporting this afternoon that the Boulder County District Attorney says that arrest warrants have been issued for the two Boulder officers involved in the shooting.Officers Sam Carter and Brent Curnow were taken into custody this morning.

The district attorney says these are potential "high fines and charges." Sentences could be anywhere from probation to 8 years in prison.

Boulder's police Chief has apologized to the community stating that he is truly sorry, some 50 residents showed up for the meeting to listen and talk about their concerns.

Carter defends his actions of shooting the elk by saying that the elk was aggressive and seemed injured, Curnow was called in afterwards to help Carter. They took pictures with the elk and there was talk of processing the meat.

Both officers are on paid leave while an investigation is being conducted.