With all the 'reality' shows on TV today it's rare to actually find something real on TV. Along comes the Legend of Mick Dodge; my wait is finally over.

I have to be honest and admit I am a learning channel geek.  I love the Nat Geo channel especially which host some of my favorite shows like Life Below Zero, Building Wild, and the much anticipated Legend of Mick Dodge.

Mick Dodge comes from a long line of men in his family who have called the Pacific Northwest home in the far Northwestern reaches of Washington. Dodge is a highly trained Marine and was a more than productive member of society but 25 years ago he had enough of civilization and all it had to offer.  So, he went back to his roots in the Hoh Rain Forest Northwest of Seattle in the Olympic Peninsula .

As an avid outdoorsman learning most of his skills from his Grandfather, Mick Dodge now runs alongside the animals he used to hunt.  He lives off the forest with the exception of catching some fish here and there and makes infrequent stops at the home of a couple friends for companionship and maybe a meal of smoked salmon. Other than that, he lives wherever the sun goes down.  Tree trunks, under logs or in a hammock he made strung between trees.  He has "stashes" all over the forest that hold various items he needs including Winter gear in one tree, a pack with rope and a hand saw in another tree miles away etc. (He winters in a cave along the Pacific ocean.)

Call me a geek but from what I can see this dude is the real deal.  I know many say guys like Mick Dodge are just 'dodging' society and that is true in a lot of cases I'm sure. But not so much with Dodge.  I truly think he is where he wants to be and soley by his choice.

The Legend of Mick Dodge can be seen Tuesday's on the Nat Geo channel.