There is always something new, creative, and fun being made and now with this cool little thing called the internet we get the chance to see these things more than ever before. As long as you keep your clothes on you can put just about anything on YouTube for the whole world to watch. And now in under 2 months just about the whole world has seen the latest YouTube craze. It is a song and dance from Korean singer Psy called "Gangnam Style."

Just under 151 million people have viewed the video on YouTube since it debuted on the 15th of July.

The success has also earned Psy a record deal in the U.S. and even got him on "Ellen" yesterday. Pop singer Britney Spears wrote on her Twitter page that she loved the video and wanted to learn the dance.

Her wish came true this week when she appeared on “The Ellen Show” alongside fellow “X-Factor” judge Simon Cowell. After playing a segment from “Gangnam Style,” which Cowell called “brilliant,” host Ellen DeGeneres said to Spears: “You tweeted out that you want to learn that dance, right? So I got somebody here to teach you that dance.”

Psy arrived on stage, launching into his “Gangnam Style” dance with gusto and prompting gasps of “Oh my God!” from Spears. But before teaching the American pop singer his moves, he had a request.

“By the way, can I introduce myself? Not just dancing?” Psy said. He then turned to the audience: “I’m Psy from Korea. How are you?”

“Psy from Korea, we love you!” DeGeneres said on behalf of the crowd.

Now for the video...

Your turn! :)