I saw an obituary recently that talked about an elderly lady who had passed and it stated that she had lived her entire life here and never even traveled to another state. I know when some folks read this and think, "I can't imagine never leaving town. Why not get out and live?" I can understand that but I had a different thought. I thought she must have been happy where she was.

I see it so many times in my business. People will travel all over the country chasing a bigger paycheck or trying to find what makes them happy. I have had so many coworkers leave K99 and go chase the big markets and big paychecks and then end up back here saying this is where they were the most happy. I think so many spend their lives searching for something they already have. If you are happy with life and who you are spending it with what more is there? That is what life is all about. Some need to travel the world to find out they were happier where they were and others don't feel the need to spend the time, money and miles to find out what they already know.

The grass is not always greener somewhere else. If you water and fertilize and take care of the grass you have now, you will have a plush lawn. Chances are if you can't keep your own lawn green you would just eventually kill the other grass if you moved there anyway. Open your eyes and look around you may just be where you want to be.