Since the beginning of time men have been trying to get women to kiss them. I am sure if you were to examine early cave paintings they would be littered with sad tales of rejected cave love advances. We all know that there are few things that feel better than a warm embrace with lips pressed together but did you know there are actually health benefits to locking lips? According to these are a few of the medicinal benefits of smooching.

  • Kissing can break down plaque and prevent cavities by producing saliva which cleans the teeth.


  • Kissing uses 30 muscles which will tighten and smooth your facial skin for a younger appearance.


  • Kissing helps you burn 3-5 calories a minute. That's more fun than a fat cycle.


  • Kissing boosts your immune system since you are swapping germs your body will create antibodies to fight it.


  • Kissing is a antidepressant drug as it releases oxytocin naturally into your body helping decrease stress and can help control cholesterol levels.
  • Kissing releases endorphins that can help relieve pain.

We could save a lot of money if we just see a lover instead of a doctor. If you want whiter teeth, look younger, burn fat, fight germs, be in a good mood and be pain free...start making out now.