If you have been through the heart of Fort Collins lately you may have noticed an increasingly popular trend, food trucks. The popularity of food trucks has risen all over the country in the last few years, and has been aided by the success of the Food Network TV show called “The Great Food Truck Race.” Though the debate in most towns is who has the best sandwich or burrito, it’s a little different in Fort Collins. The debate here is centered around when and where the trucks can be.

Some food truck owners believe the current rules are too strict and are hurting their business.

Kati Anderson own Cupcake Cruiser, and was the first person to start a food truck business in Fort Collins about a year ago, has joined forces with other food truck owners who are hoping to work with the city to loosen the restrictions on where they can sell food. “There’s definitely a lot of paperwork and a lot of loopholes you have to jump through in order for us to go to any one given spot. We can’t just pull up and start selling cupcakes,” said Anderson.

Fort Collins Senior City Planner Pete Wray chimed in by saying “We hope to bring forward a balanced and fair approach for our additional provisions for outdoor vendors in the city.” Wray said some restaurant owners don’t want the competition of the food trucks.

The debate in the mobile kitchen’s has heated up enough that the City of Fort Collins has a questionnaire on its website for the public to weigh in on the issue of food trucks. The city will take feedback until Friday. Those comments will be presented to the Fort Collins City Council later this month. They hope to reach a resolution by June.