Todd Harding, TSM

The Great Cookie Bake-Off at K99 is underway.  Last night I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  Our promotions director Caitlin Youngs also baked a batch. Today we find out who makes the best cookie.

I am not sure what prompted the Battle Royale, but it is on.  Both Caitlin and I are bringing a couple dozen cookies to work today.  We will have our fellow co-workers judge to determine who makes the best chocolate chip cookie.

What's my secret?   Shhhh! Don't  tell anyone.

1.  I use the Toll House recipe on the back of Nestle chocolate chips. (Without the nuts)

2.  I use Mexican vanilla.  ( It adds a zing to the cookie.)

I'll let you know tomorrow who was victorious in the Great Cookie Bake-Off!