I have always enjoyed the trick of gift giving at Christmas. I used to try to figure out what every gift was and had a fool proof method. Now that I am older the fun I get is watching others open the gifts I have gotten them. It truly is more fun to give than receive.

As you prepare to tear open those gifts and enjoy your friends and family here is a last minute idea that is really fun if you were just going to give someone cash as a gift. I know my daughter always really needs money and Jagermeister more than anything at Christmas and just sticking a bill in box really isn't that much fun. One year recently, I knew I was going to give $100 in cash but I really didn't want to just stick the money in a card, I wanted some fun. I got 10 $10 bills and wrapped 10 boxes each with a clue as to where to find the money. I put some in Waldo books, Cd's in her room, dog food container, sugar bowl, I put them everywhere and it took her a long time to track it all down. It was fun for her and very fun for us. A little creativity goes a long way. Hope you are having a very Merry Christmas.