I have heard it said that arguments and disagreements can make a relationship stronger. That must be why Todd and I have been together for nearly 25 years on the air. If he has taught me anything through the years it is that two people can have completely different opinions and that is okay. I used to think I always had to sway people to my way of thinking. I have learned that is not the way to go. I have learned to accept differences in opinion.

There are 2 things we tend to disagree about the most. The pronunciation of aunt and how you keep your butter. I say aunt and he says ant. I keep my butter in the fridge and he keeps his on the counter. I will never understand the counter butter. It is sold refrigerated and should stay that way. Now I know there are butter dishes designed to be set on the counter but it is my belief that is just to set it out on the table for dinner. You need to take it out and let it soften a little so you don’t rip your bread like confetti but then it should be put back in the fridge. Here in the K99 studio we have a toaster and more often than not a stick of butter sitting beside it.

I know butter can keep on a counter but I am convinced the taste changes. I think it gets a sour and spoiled taste if it sits out too long. Todd thinks it can sits days or even longer and still be okay. This is a man who grew up on a farm and used to play games like “Does This Smell Spoiled to You”. I don’t really trust his palate. He will eat anything.

I need your help on this one. Do you think butter gets nasty tasting if you leave it out of the fridge. Please help me convince Todd that he is misguided in his butter thoughts. I had some counter butter this morning and have needed half a stick of refrigerated butter just to get the taste out of my mouth. We need your input in the great butter debate.