It seems over the years that bloody mary bars have gotten quite popular. More and more restaurants have set up all you can drink or pay as you go, make em' yourself bloody mary bars all over the country. Once known as a day after drink to give you a little help up has now turned into a cult classic tradition, huh? The bloody mary is a perfect start to any brunch and now with this Fort Collins Bloody Mary Bar Champion, it seems as though there's no stopping this phenomenon.


There are many places in Fort Collins and the surrounding area that offer bloody mary bars, but I have to say the hands down champ in my opinion has got to be the Silver Grill Cafe on Walnut in Old Town Fort Collins.

The Silver Grill Cafe is the oldest restaurant in northern Colorado. Interesting how the restaurant go its name, a hungry painter painted it on the window for a pork chop lunch, still on the menu today. The current owner, John Arnolfo, has been walking the floors of the Silver Grill Cafe since 1979. Since purchasing the grill Arnolfo has made many expansions and added new and fantastic things to the menu, but what remains the same is his commitment to Fort Collins, family and the community.

If you like bloody mary's, you can't let another brunch go by without giving this grand champ a try, utilizing community products this bloody mary bar will please every taste bud in your mouthy, including some that have been asleep for awhile. (And while you're there check out my favorite the pecan cinnamon roll-best ever, but get there early, they go fast)